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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

How long from placing my order until delivery?
Your online order will be shipped within 2-5 business days. Everything is printed at the time of ordering in-house so please allow time for this labor intensive process.

How much is shipping?
Due to recent increases in freight costs, we have had to increase our rates as well. Our shipping rates are still extremely inexpensive; in most cases we do not even recover the actual cost. To most destinations in North America, shipping charges will be in the $10 - $17 range. For overseas customers, we always charge the base minimum for the slowest ship method, however, we always contact our international customers and offer different shipping methods and speeds.

Can my ordered be ‘rushed’?
We offer a rush fee of $20 per item to have it shipped out within 2 business days. Due to the time involved with custom orders, rush fees and times may vary.

How do I remove the decal?
We suggest that you use a blow dryer and a pair of tweezers, in order to facilitate the process. Just lift a corner of the decal while aiming the blow-dryer at the same area. The adhesive will be released, then simply peel away the decal at a 45degree angle.

Can my decal be reused?
Decals are for one-time use only, once removed they cannot be re-applied.

How do I care for my graphic?
Because all of our graphics are laminated for extra durability, there really are no special steps you need to take to ensure long life from your graphic. If you power wash your ride, always use caution to never be at too aggressive of an angle. Any graphic with enough pressure blasting at it has the chance of lifting, so always have the water hit your panel straight on. If you enjoy giving your ride a nice wax, our vinyls can stand up to waxes and polishes. Just be cautious when buffing that you do not grab any edge of the graphic.

Can I customize the color on graphic kits?
If you want a custom color on a stock design, we charge $25 for each color customization. Pantone color matching available.

Can I color match?
Yes, but due to print pigment limitations, the discoloration of aging plastics and other variables, printed background color of decals may slightly vary from the color of your vehicle. Please note that there are additional fees for coloring matching on our stock design kits.

Can I put my graphic on textured plastic?
Yes, however we advise that the graphic be applied and then thoroughly heated and manually pressed into the textured plastic. Use a heat gun or hair dryer, being careful not to overheat the graphics. Too much heat can actually melt a PVC graphic!

How do I trim out any additional body holes?
Some model vehicles have additional body holes (i.e. windshield attachments). Use an x-acto blade to carefully trim these out.

Will the decal leave a residue, or cause any damage when removed?
We take great care to use the best of equipment and materials thereby ensuring that the decal won’t leave any remnants on the surface after removal. However, because we can’t know the condition of all surfaces, we can’t guarantee some paint flecking will not occur. It is possible, but not likely, that you may notice paint flecks on the back of the decals when removed. If so, some minor paint touch up may be required.

Do you take returns?
While we do not issue refunds, SPIRALUS DESIGN will happily offer an exchange for a product of equal value for any items that are not completely satisfactory, with the exception of custom designs. Exchanges are accepted within 14 days of the date of receipt. Packages must be returned in perfect, unopened condition. Please contact us for further information. We do not offer credit for shipping and handling charges on returned merchandise. Please note all custom orders are final and may not be exchanged except for product defect and will not be refunded.

How do I keep up to date on your new products?
Sign up for our newsletter on our home page. We will keep you updated on all that is new at SPIRALUS DESIGN